Korea Architectural Accrediting Board


Role of the KAAB

The Korea Architectural Accrediting Board (KAAB) was established in January 2005, following the inaugural assembly in December 2004, lead by the Federation of Institutes of Korea Architects (FIKA). Our mission is to set a guideline for the professional degree programs and induce the fulfillment of the programs through accrediting and consulting. The main object of these roles is to contribute in the development of programs that give inspirations on the significant roles that architects take in the society, and programs that train young prospects that are ready to begin their professional careers. By setting high standards for accreditation, programs that meet the conditions will be able to obtain mutual recognition of their professional degrees internationally, thus promoting professionalized architectural education programs that are also globally competitive.

Task of the KAAB

  • 1. Establishment and management of policies regarding accreditation, and the KAAB Conditions and Procedures
  • 2. Identifying institutions that have grounds for offering accredited programs
  • 3. Identifying specified professional architectural programs
  • 4. Exploration and development of architectural curriculum
  • 5. Development and facilitation for better architectural education
  • 6. Consultations for enhancement of architectural education in general and any accrediting needs of a program
  • 7. Others areas of interests which are acknowledged as expected tasks for the KAAB

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