Korea Architectural Accrediting Board

Site Visit Guideline

Site Visit GuidelineKAAB Site Visit Guideline 2019 Edition

Issues on Program Accreditation Visit
  • Confirmation of Detail of Agenda
  • Assessment on the Conditions and Criteria
  • Protocol of Accreditation Visit
  • Guideline to Determination of Accreditation Term
  • Guideline to Assessment of the(accreditation items related to) the Resources
Guideline to Program Operation and Management
  • Duplicated(Repeated) registration of a studio class and Rule of prerequisite class
  • Operating a Studio in summer(winter) Semester
  • Education/curriculum management system
  • Guideline for operation of program with plural study courses
Note on Preparation of the Accreditation Visit Workroom
  • Visit Ream Workroom
  • Exhibit of Students Work
Q & A
  • Questions on the major agenda of an accreditation visit
  • Questions related to SPC
  • On Accreditation Visit
Annotation to Student Performance Criteria

This annotation is drafted for visit team members to perform accreditations and programs preparing for accreditations. The intention is to be comprehensive and concrete in explaining each item of the SPC to help readers better understand the meaning of each item on the SPC. It should be noted that the conditions and procedures precedes this annotation. Therefore, if there is a contradiction between the KAAB C&P and this annotation, the C&P override the annotation.

SPC is established with qualitative assessment in mind. Accordingly, the SPC is conceptual in nature and some of the criterion may be rather abstract than concrete. The program being reviewed therefore must be able to persuade the visit team how it understands and interprets the SPC and apply them to its educational goal in order to satisfy the requirement of the SPC.

The responsibility of a visit team is not to make a quantitative evaluation based on a given check list, but to make a qualitative assessment on the interpretations of the SPC and how it reflects the interpretation on its education